How to deactivate or activate Private browsing on your iPhone/iPad

How to deactivate or activate Private browsing on your iPhone/iPad. Private Browsing won't remember or Autofill data, and won't store any Cookies.. Read more »

macOS Monterey : Check new Powerful features here

Apple's macOS Monterey public beta is available now. WWDC announced this year, the 18th major macOS update isn't adventurous as compared to its previous versions. But it is a satisfactory OS update... Read more »

AirTags : Apple’s New Tracking device to find missing things

Apple AirTags are small circular bluetooth tracking devices which can help you to find your missing things that matters the most. Read More. Read more »
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Things to know what happened when your iPhone has been Hacked

In today’s generation our phones are our secret keeper so we don’t wants to share that with anyone. you’ve full control on your iPhone what you can share with everyone. Everything we... Read more »

New iPhone 12 Release Date, price, specs & many more…

Due to the pandemic, Apple will be releasing the new iPhone 12 Soon. Read more about iPhone 12 Pricing, spec, etc... Read more »
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Top 10 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Safe and Secure

Here we explained different ways How you can secure your iPhone and protect your data from strangers and cybercriminals. Read more »

iOS 14 with new features to hit all iPhones running on iOS 13

Apple announced iOS 14 with new features which is the fourteenth major update of Apple Inc's for iPhone and iPod touch during its WWDC 2020 keynote. Read more »

Apple sued corellium for copyright violations

On 27 December 2019, Apple has taken its legal fight with Corellium to a new level. Apple sued a Florida-based company for allegedly trafficking under the DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act)... Read more »
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iOS 14 Release Date: Expectations, Rumours and Features explained

Apple is continually being in news due to its quality functions and new versions of iPhones. The most awaited news for iPhone/iPad users is on the way and its none other than... Read more »