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Why are we publishing this?

We’d like to let our faithful followers learn more about The Encrypt and what’s going on inside The Encrypt than the news and the legal aspects of The Encrypt.

Published content

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Hereby, we would also like to assure you that we would not be liable for any kind of difficulty you may encounter following The Encrypt’s articles or how-to guides. Neither the post author nor The Encrypt would be liable for these financial or personal issues or other consequences. And you should bear in mind that at your own risk you are following the articles.

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Within our posts, we will use a couple of affiliate links. Clicking on these links and making a purchase of the service through it, we will be able to get a commission from the service or product. However, after using the product we only encourage affiliate links and/or only if we find the product/service benefits to our beloved readers and Of course, we hate bad products and services, so we never suggest these things.

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Comment and personal opinion

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Direct and Indirect Remuneration

Not all The Encrypt writers are bloggers but they are talented in different parts such as Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud, Machine Learning and content creation, etc. Therefore, there is a chance that the content in the article may cause their popularity to be elevated in the tech or physical society, thereby helping to gather attention and implied revenue.

We do get direct remuneration through certain methods like placing advertisements in various sections of this site, paying ratings, supported posts, etc. We can include a link to the sponsor of the advertising or sponsored posts in each of those pages.


While there is a portion of remuneration as well as uplifting social media, all of The Encrypt’s writers are very enthusiastic about what they are doing and what they’re writing about on the site. So, by publishing valuable articles and other details about various categories, such as Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud, Machine Learning, etc., we get an unparalleled degree of writing satisfaction and supporting others. Clearly, the thing described in The Encrypt goes beyond English terms, and it resides in the minds of each of Encrypt Team members.