cryptocurrency bill india

What does new Cryptocurrency Bill hold the future for India?

India to announce a cryptocurrency bill that will define the future of digital currencies. Will it be treated as commodity or assets? Will taxes be included ? What will the legal Status... Read more »

Boosting your Cyber Security by using Blockchain Technology

The incredible qualities of blockchain technology add a layer of strong protection to every infrastructure based on it, which can be extremely useful in terms of cybersecurity. Let’s see how : Read more »
crypto lending

What is Crypto Lending and How does it works?

In Crypto lending, a lender lends cryptocurrency to the borrower, and the borrower has to return the money along with the interest later. Read More... Read more »

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies You Should Follow in 2021

Planning to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021? take a look at the 5 Most promising cryptocurrencies for 2021 you should follow and invest in. Read more »
Blockchain Development

A Short Guide: How to make Blockchain Development Productive

In this article, you'll learn more about Blockchain development process & what are the core components of it if you are or plan to become one blockchain developer. Read more »

US seized over $1 billion worth bitcoin hacked from Darknet Silk Road

US seized Over $1 billion worth bitcoins hacked from Darknet Silk Road largest-ever Cryptocurrency Seizure in the history Read more »

Crypto Exchange KuCoin mega hack, $150M+ worth token stolen

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore CEO Johnny Lyu confirmed a mega crypto hack attack worth over $150 Million. Read more »

Kubernetes Clusters impacted by KubeFlow Crypto mining Attack

Microsoft has released a study describing an ongoing series of attacks on Kubeflow, a toolkit on top of Kubernetes clusters for running machine learning ( ML) operations. According to Microsoft, Kubernetes was... Read more »
nba basketball

CryptoKitties creators launches NBA TopShot Game

Overview Dapper Labs, the team behind the CryptoKitties. They powered the non-fungible token based in Ethereum. It is a global, decentralized money network that has launched its upcoming NBA TopShot game in... Read more »

Europe-wide supercomputers hacked into crypto mining attack

Cryptocurrency and security define attempts to access digital currencies by illicit means. Means like hacking, or steps to avoid unauthorized cryptocurrency transactions, and storage technologies. In extreme cases, it is possible to... Read more »