benefits of cloud computing

Top 5 benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing eliminates the cost and time to set up and run hardware/server required for computing needs. But why is cloud computing so popular? Why do we need cloud computing? To answer... Read more »
AWS Lambda for Algorithmic Trading

How To Build an AWS Lambda for Algorithmic Trading?

AWS Lambda is a popular serverless computing service offered by Amazon Web Services Which is used to create functions and self-contained apps developed using one of the supporting languages and runtimes. These... Read more »
Cloud Computing

Edge Computing, Revolution of the Internet

Everything is Data. From our social media posts to the feedback form we fill in the restaurants, everything is Data. This Data is generated from many sources like social media posts, watching... Read more »

What is Confidential Computing? Everything you need to know

Confidential computing is a practice in which encrypted data stored in memory to restrict access for the security of the data in use. Confidential computing uses hardware-based techniques to detach data, individual... Read more »

Kubernetes version 1.19 Released! What’s New?

Kubernetes v1.19 (Accentuate the Paw-sitive) released with 34 enhancements (10 stable, 15 beta, and 9 alpha). Read more to see new features and changes in Kubernetes v1.19 . Read more »

Kubernetes Clusters impacted by KubeFlow Crypto mining Attack

Microsoft has released a study describing an ongoing series of attacks on Kubeflow, a toolkit on top of Kubernetes clusters for running machine learning ( ML) operations. According to Microsoft, Kubernetes was... Read more »

IBM Releases Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit

IBM ‘s Fully Homomorphic Encryption (generally abbreviated as FHE) toolkit is to enable developers to utilize in their solutions. By enabling computation directly on the encrypted data, according to IBM. The toolkit can have... Read more »