Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Which will lead in the Future?

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Which technology will lead in the Future? Both, AI and ML goes hand-in-hand to lead in future. Read more.. Read more »

Role of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in IoT Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, one cannot take a break and breathe for a moment. You blink it; you miss it. Technology is evolving day by day. From inventing the first computer in 1943... Read more »

Breathing New Life into Machines: The Wonders of TinyML

TinyML is the latest trend in embedded software technology that allows manufacturers to integrate machine learning (ML) algorithms into ultra-low powered systems.. Read more »
AI and ML in HealthCare

Role of AI and ML in Healthcare

Overview From AI-assisted robotic surgery to clinical diagnosis the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) technologies within healthcare is growing. Some innovators in healthcare and technology are collaborating and bonding... Read more »

What is TensorFlow? Architecture, Algorithms, Applications And More

Overview Machine learning is a technical discipline. But it is difficult to incorporate a model of machine learning than it used to be. In the Machine learning frameworks like google that eases... Read more »
ML Code

OctoML raised $15M to Optimize ML Model Codes Easily

Overview Machine Learning startup OctoML was found in July 2019 and is based in Seattle, with only 10 employees. The growth of its engineering team funded around $3.9 million and released software... Read more »

Reinforcement Learning: Robot Learns to walk without Human Intervention

A self-governing Robot is always a dream for all human beings. Google researchers have developed an autonomous Robot that teaches itself how to walk without any programs or algorithms. Here reinforcement learning... Read more »

Prediction And Spreading of Pandemic Disease (COVID-19)

Overview Pandemic is an extended version of an epidemic, which spreads among people beyond a geographical area. As time passes the number of pandemic disease increases and now we have reached till... Read more »