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The Encrypt is a young ambitious go-to platform for latest technology news and trends. We aim to cover the world of technology.

What we do?

Technology is changing the way we live faster than ever before. The Encrypt is the vital source of knowledge and ideas that make sense in an ever-changing world. We illuminates how technology affects all aspects of our lives.

The Encrypt articles are vital source of knowledge to learn more about New Technology Trends, Tech News, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking, Artificial intelligence, IoT, Information Security, etc…

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The Encrypt is founded by Dhaval back in June, 2018. Dhaval is technology enthusiast, security evangelists and Full Stack Developer. The Encrypt articles are maintained by Dhaval and The Encrypt Team.

With critical insight and outspoken opinions, The Encrypt Team will keep track latest tech trends around the world shares tech news, latest trends, how to guides and much more for our tech-savvy readers around the globe.

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Our mission is to spread the knowledge about Information Technology, Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI and ML that helps our audience to learn latest trends and broaden their knowledge base.

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