cyber risks

How Online Shoppers Can Protect Themselves From Cyber Risks

While consumers can now access goods much easier, saving time and money in the process, the act of shopping online has also become a lot riskier. Exchanging financial information online has attracted... Read more »
chatbot & voip

5 Reasons Why Chatbots and VoIP Are Reliable Systems for Customer Communication

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Chatbots and VoIP for Customer Communication. There are good reasons for your business to use VoIP and chatbot technology. Some of them are as follows: Read more »

Do Telehealth apps put the security and privacy of medical data at risk?

The hi-tech standards and protections for data are not only required in the telehealth industry but also to other sectors which inculcate such data. Even the patient with chronic diseases is of... Read more »

Attackers actively Exploiting ZeroLogon Windows Vulnerability

Microsoft is tracking threat actor activity using the CVE-2020–1472 Netlogon EoP vulnerability exploit called Zerologon. They have seen attacks where public vulnerabilities have been inserted into attackers playbooks. According to security industry... Read more »
chatting app

Top 8 Chatting Apps for Android and iOS

Here we explained top 8 chatting apps or messanging apps that encourage you to make conversations very safely and securely. Read more »
CyberSecurity for Small Business

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: What Makes It So Important?

Cybersecurity is a very important tool for small businesses as a result of the constant cyberattacks and potential hacks aimed at small businesses today. Small businesses as compared to the larger companies... Read more »
Online Transactions

How to Protect Your Online Transactions and Portfolios in 2021

The digital boom has drastically shifted the financial world. Indeed, many consumers now rely on tech-forward online banking, contactless payment platforms, and the like. In the United States and Canada alone, Forbes estimates... Read more »
Gaming Console

Next Generation Gaming Consoles: Xbox Series X and Sony PS5

History Of Gaming Consoles Have you ever wondered as to how these gaming consoles that has some cool features came into existence? Way back in 1967, the first ever console was introduced... Read more »
turn on iot

How IoT is Transforming Content Marketing As We Know It

We live in a world of connections. From household appliances, your go-to word counter, to the clothing we wear, the Internet of Things or IoT has substantially transformed the way we live.... Read more »
Data Security

Data Security Threats to Prevail in 2021

Timely research from Titus and Blackstone has unveiled top data security predictions for 2020.¬†¬†Based on surveys and interactions with enterprises across the world, in addition to analysis revealed during major IT events,... Read more »