How to protect yourself from hackers

Due to covid19 and fast adoption of internet, Digitalization has increased but so have the cyber attacks. Its necessary to take one step forward than the hackers to protect your confidential data.... Read more »
cyber risk score

Why cyber risk scores should be a common practice as credit scores

A cyber risk score is an assessment of the strengths of your cybersecurity. Cyber risk scores determine the security risk your company has and how to reduce those risks. Cybersecurity ensures that... Read more »

Top 7 Cybersecurity lessons learned from COVID-19

The cybersecurity lessons provide us new ways to fight back the security problem, make us aware of possible attacks in the pandemic. This article will highlight some of the most important cybersecurity... Read more »
Cyber Security

10 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

In 2020, cybersecurity has been the biggest concern for online businesses. We have seen many unprecedented scenarios like remote working adaption this year. Read more »

SonicWall patched 11 Vulnerabilities including CVE-2020-5135

Recently, SonicWall issued a security advisory to fix a high vulnerability in SionicOS that could lead to remote code execution. Read more »
Secure your kindle

How To Secure Your Kindle Device

There are some steps that you need to follow in order to safeguard your kindle and make sure that the data stays protected all the time. Follow these steps in order to... Read more »

5 Hackers uncovered 55 vulnerabilities in Apple services within 3 months

A team of five ethical hackers finds a total of 55 Apple vulnerabilities. Apple reacted quickly to the bug reports by fixing them in time. Read more »
Code Scan

GitHub launched dev-first code scanning to find vulnerabilities

Github Code scanning is a feature to examine the code in your repository to identify security vulnerabilities and encoding errors. Read more »

Crypto Exchange KuCoin mega hack, $150M+ worth token stolen

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore CEO Johnny Lyu confirmed a mega crypto hack attack worth over $150 Million. Read more »

Attackers actively Exploiting ZeroLogon Windows Vulnerability

Microsoft is tracking threat actor activity using the CVE-2020–1472 Netlogon EoP vulnerability exploit called Zerologon. They have seen attacks where public vulnerabilities have been inserted into attackers playbooks. According to security industry... Read more »