Things to know what happened when your iPhone has been Hacked

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In today’s generation our phones are our secret keeper so we don’t wants to share that with anyone. you’ve full control on your iPhone what you can share with everyone. Everything we do in our routine life has footprint in our mobiles like where we go, what we eat etc. Thats why we add passwords, finger locks or now a days face lock too.

What does it means to “Hack”

It is a bad term which means to illegally gain access to your iPhone device and fetch/use data from your phone without getting your permission. In terms of an iPhone, hacking referred to any of the following:

  • Hackers can gain access to your private info and personal data without your permission.
  • Monitor your iPhone remotely and do some miscellaneous activity without the owner’s knowledge.
  • With the use of any soft drives and hard drives store all the data from your iPhone.

Anyone can hack by guessing your phone’s passcode and add some monitoring apps inside it. So that they can spy on all of your activities which might also something called “Hacker’s things”.

There is also one term Jailbreaking, or the act of installing custom OS on your phone. This is the modern definitions of Hacking. For removing some apple’s restrictions on their iPhones lots of peoples have installed custom OS in their phones.

Some signs when your iPhone hacked

  1. Major Decrease in battery life

When your iPhone is hacked or someone using it remotely then you can see a noticeable decrease in your battery life. When some malware app is installed inside your iPhone and they are stealing your data and transmit the info to their server.

2. Performance decrease

Do you find that some applications are crashing inside your phone and your phone is hanging more than before? This could be due to malware installed inside your phone and running in background.

You will experience this behaviour even after you close some of the apps or even you restart the phone.

3. High Data usage than ever

At the end of the month if your mobile bill is higher which you didn’t expect which can come because of spy apps running in background and they are sending your private data to its servers.

4. Some Text messages and calls which you haven’t send but its their in your history

If you are seeing lots of outgoing calls in your recent call list and many messages inside your message app to unknown numbers which you don’t know then probably your device is hacked.

5. Disturbing pop-ups

So not all pop-ups means that your iPhone is hacked, some constant popup indicates that you are infected by some adware which is a form of malware that forces your device to view some pages and which can be beneficial for them in their click though rates of their website or link. From that all pop-ups some are very dangerous to your phone who can catch you and land you to there phishing page and they informally download something on your phone and can hack your phone.

6. Some unusual activities on your iCloud account which linked to any of your other apple devices

If your iPhone is hacked then hackers surely have all the access to your every accounts like social media accounts, mails or any other apps in which you signed in. If they do some activities on your phone like resetting password, marking any emails then it must be a hacker.

What to do if your phone is hacked?

If you gone through the points listed above and you feel like your phone is hacked. Here are some of the tips that you should follow if your phone is hacked:

  1. Factory Reset your device

This solution sounds pretty obvious right? Just for your clarity this is the best solution ever for any device which is hacked.

Here are some steps for how to reset your iPhone device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General tab
  • Select Reset
  • Then choose erase all the content and settings

2. Uninstall all the suspicious apps from your device

When you run any malware scan on your device and they will give some list of malware affected apps you must have to delete those apps. It can be done when you have to improve your iPhone’s performance.

Read more on how to secure your iPhone.

Some small but useful tips which can protect your phone to be hacked

  • Don’t jailbreak your iPhone ever.
  • Always add passcode with complex passwords which anyone won’t guess.
  • Don’e share your phone’s password with anyone.
  • Frequently delete your browser history.
  • Enable find my device on your phone.
  • Keep your phone up to date with latest updates and apps too.
  • Always use 2FA(Two Factor Authentication)
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi if you want to use it then use it with the help of VPN.
  • Be aware about Phishing messages so don’t click on the links from the numbers you don’t know.
  • Only turn your bluetooth on when you are actually in use.
  • Avoid apps which are giving many permission after installation.

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