9 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers in 2021


As web designers, we are working in a very rapidly growing industry, and it’s an arduous and challenging task to maintain yourself on top of things in the industry. That is the reason we should avail of the opportunity of available tools that keep our heads above water. Today in this informative article, we are going to discuss the 9 best chrome extensions for developers in 2021 that geared to raise your job of the web improvement process, ideally making you that little bit constructive. 

Google’s wide-spread effect on web administrations that made Google Chrome more and more characteristic and most utilized program (web browsing) for web development. The available, absolute number of chrome extensions has made Chrome a convenient apparatus for website developers and designers. 

Why Chrome? 

This article is giving more attention to the Google Chrome browser because of its large share of the market, which is 65% and rising daily. The majority of Chrome-based browsers encourage all extensions. These include Vivaldi, Brave, and, coming soon, Microsoft Edge. Although, you have to remember one thing that Google Chrome is not the only available browser in the market, and the majority of extensions that are mentioned here in this article are proportionate with Opera and Firefox. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

Before we jump into the 9 best chrome extension for developers in 2021, pause for a moment to remember that Chrome is high-class software distributed by Google. As we know, there are security problems related to utilizing Google products, so possibly head over to GitHub and search for the ungoogled-chromium course. As the name recommends, this is Google Chromium, sans coordination with Google. 

Along these lines, here we are listing the 9 best chrome extensions for developers in 2021 for software engineers and designers in the compatibility of profitable and successful web improvement. 

1. Wappalyzer 

In 2009 the programmer Elbert Alias created a software tool named Wappalyzer. Wappalyzer is a Google Chrome extension that enables the developer to determine the various technologies that make up the back end of a website. Wappalyzer can recognize more than 1000 techniques due to its cross-platform and open-source platforms, thsystemat include e-commerce platforms, content management system, net frameworks, analytics tools, server application, and much more. 

2. Window Resizer for Developer 

Our next extension in the list of 9 best chrome extensions for developers in 2021 is Window Resizer extension. It allows you to resize your browser window on the fly. By clicking on the icon button within the menu bar, creates a drop-down menu of window sizes that you can customize quickly. The best thing about the Window Resizer is that it grants an option to launch it as a pop-up, enabling you to modify via various screen resolutions and check your media breakpoints are functional as expected or not. You can additionally rotate your display and customize the presets. 

3. Web Developer 

1 million users around the world and a 4.5 rating on the Chrome net store, Web Developer is something of an absolute necessity have. It adds a toolbar capture to google Chrome which, indicates many apparatuses that can be utilized on any web page. These are gathered through classification (CSS, images, forms, etc.) and let you do such things as deactivating  JavaScript, diagram photographs with lacking alt attributes, resize the program window, endorse the web page’s HTML, and much more. 

4. CSSViewer 

CSSViewer is another exceptional Chrome extension that every developer required to add in their chrome browser. This is somewhat necessary CSSViewer will deliver profits in the long term. After the installation and activation, it supplies a balanced panel that gives you crucial CSS-based knowledge in front of your eyes. It will swiftly show you CSS aspect information like color, font, text, history, box, effects, and Positioning through scrolling over a part of a webpage. This will save you time while checking or analyzing your assignments. 

5. ColorZilla – Color Picker and Generator 

ColorZilla is one of the most established color picker extensions for developers that created more than eight years ago, and even today, it has effectively kept up the best color picker title and an eyedropper Chrome extension for developers. It will empower you to get a color perusing from any pixel on the browser and paste it in RGB HEX formate in some other program. Similarly, ColorZilla can also allow you to produce gradient colors and concentrate color palettes from any site. The ColorZilla extension also keeps up a color history file of current color picks. 

6. The IE Tab 

If you would not prefer to experience the manually testing your task on Internet Explorer, then this The IE Tab extension is basically what you need. The IE Tab extension copies IE on Chrome by interpreting the search engine reasonably in Chrome. It additionally provides you the different types of IE, which are IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9, all in one touch. When it’s installed and activated, it will allow you to avoid exchanging to and fro between programs to test your assignments on various stages. This is an extremely robust developer’s tool that is currently accessible on Windows OS

7. Check My Links 

This extension is a connection checker that crawls via your site and searches for broken hyperlinks. Particularly valuable for the website that has lots of connections. The extension examines which link is authentic and which one is broken. It enables you to copy every single broken link with a single press. 

8. Site Palette 

Whenever you go over a site with a stunning and exciting color mix, this intelligent extension (plugin) can help you rapidly extract and produce color pallets. It additionally allows you to download PDFs, preview palette pictures, and make shareable connections. Site Palette is equipped with consistent integration with Google Art Pallete and coolers.co. It has been a primary Chrome expansion for designers and developers all over the world. 

9. Site Spider 

For those who ought to find broken hyperlinks on your website and need to restrict spidering to a particular listing, you need a web page Spider. 


A lot of latest exciting chrome extension launches every month by Chrome developers, particularly for web developers. These chrome tools vary essential tools for designers and web developers and configuration tools to improve extensions explicit for different frameworks and languages, which can save your time and take your efficiency to the new level. Continue exploring new Chrome extensions.

And one thing more, please share your views here in the comment section if we missed out on something extraordinary. 

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