CryptoKitties creators launches NBA TopShot Game

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Dapper Labs, the team behind the CryptoKitties. They powered the non-fungible token based in Ethereum. It is a global, decentralized money network that has launched its upcoming NBA TopShot game in beta and new types of applications.

Cointelegraph witnessed the experiencing of the game. Though that allows players to possess, trading, and play with key moments tokenized representations in NBA history. NBA TopShot is up on a Dapper ‘s Flow ledger.

What is Cryptokitties?

CryptoKitties is an Axiom Zen blockchain game. They also enable players to purchase, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats. It is one of the first attempts to introduce entertainment and leisure technology by blockchain. The success of the game in December 2017 overwhelmed the Ethereum network, causing it to hit an all-time high in transactions and significantly slowing it down.

Developer CryptoKitties launches NBA TopShot beta Game

CryptoKitties are one of the most open and fun ways of blockchain technology. They are customer friendly but certified by industry insiders.


Cryptokitties was a risky investment, the first common live public use-case other than Bitcoin. Cryptokitties don’t last as with all trends. But the app showed that Dapper Labs could create a convincing collectible and that brought the National Basketball Association’s attention to the product. Now Dapper Labs is releasing NBA TopShot game app in beta. It has been working on since the players and league union started discussions back in the year 2018. The app is the latest attempt by blockchain firms to presume obsession with collectibles in the sports world. Any daily block may not be as unforgettable as LeBron put somebody on a poster.

The part collectible is the only aspect of the game that provides opportunities to highlight collections. It gets new tokens by completing in-app challenges. They have an unexpected feature where any players can use their teams to participate in one-on-one games. They use the collective skills that derived from the NBA star roster a user has collected. According to Tedman, the tokens will be vend in packages that price ranges between USD $9 to the mid USD $200 range.

NBA Top Shot, an officially sanctioned, blockchain-driven game of collectibles featuring tokenized highlights from the biggest stars in basketball. It will be available for play next week, at least for those who have registered interest and obtain an invitation to the closed beta test which will be published shortly.

  • NBA TopShot, a game based on blockchain collectibles, launch in closed beta.
  • The studio behind CryptoKitties called Dapper Labs develops the Licensed game.
  • Top Shot features tokenized NBA highlights as well as pairs with a game of mobile hoops.

Blockchain Game to NBA Basketball Fans

NBA TopShot features a social platform built around digital collectibles. They have often considered a free head-to-head game intended to attract fans of blockchain interactions. Like other sports games or fantasy brackets, fans who are playing the game have to build their ideal team. But their rosters generate the game by collecting live moments from the NBA season.

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Moments like a 3-pointer from James Harden, or dunk from Zion Williamson, which are collected as digital sets or tokens. They can then either be held eternally or used to participate in online tournaments and on-chain leagues against other teams. NBA Top Shot will offer a fun and compelling environment that is available to all ages basketball fans. Dapper Labs is proud to be partnering with the NBA and NBPA to create a special multimedia experience for fans of sports.


The NBA has released its long-expected NBA TopShot feature. It is a partnership with Dapper Labs that gives digital tokens secured by blockchain providing a completely new way of watching the game for fans. Top Shot offers the opportunity for users to not only collect player tokens but also memorable moments from NBA games. The NBA and Dapper Labs use blockchain tools to make sure these tokens are portable and permanent. The app will also encourage users to complete tokens tasks, and challenge other users to games. There will be a chance to exchange tokens with other users, too.

They assume that blockchain technology produces a genuinely unique product that fans in a fun environment can acquire, manage, and engage. NBA TopShot Collectibles is set to begin this fall’s NBA regular-season tip-off, with the entire system going live in the early 2020s.

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