How to protect yourself from hackers

Due to covid19 and fast adoption of internet, Digitalization has increased but so have the cyber attacks. Its necessary to take one step forward than the hackers to protect your confidential data.... Read more »
cyber risks

How Online Shoppers Can Protect Themselves From Cyber Risks

While consumers can now access goods much easier, saving time and money in the process, the act of shopping online has also become a lot riskier. Exchanging financial information online has attracted... Read more »
cyber risk score

Why cyber risk scores should be a common practice as credit scores

A cyber risk score is an assessment of the strengths of your cybersecurity. Cyber risk scores determine the security risk your company has and how to reduce those risks. Cybersecurity ensures that... Read more »

Top 7 Cybersecurity lessons learned from COVID-19

The cybersecurity lessons provide us new ways to fight back the security problem, make us aware of possible attacks in the pandemic. This article will highlight some of the most important cybersecurity... Read more »
CyberSecurity for Small Business

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: What Makes It So Important?

Cybersecurity is a very important tool for small businesses as a result of the constant cyberattacks and potential hacks aimed at small businesses today. Small businesses as compared to the larger companies... Read more »
Unacademy Hacked

Unacademy, India’s biggest e-learning portal hacked

Unacademy, the largest educational platform, was hacked. According to Cyble, a US-based security firm, a database of over 2 crore users was out. It’s been on sale on the dark web with... Read more »
Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security? Definition, Types, Courses & More

What is Cyber Security? The process or activity of protecting the programs, systems, and networks from several kinds of digital attacks and ensuring network security is known as Cyber Security or cybersecurity.... Read more »